Lease Management System

LMS is equipment lease management software designed for the lessor who desires to do their lease accounting without the expense of a computer staff. It can be operated by current personnel who do not have a background in data processing. It is affordable with as few as 50 leases or can be used with thousands of leases on a network with hundreds of workstations.

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Easy Lease and Payment Entry

Lease and Payment entry should be easy, with Fadelsoft LMS it is. One screen is used to enter all information related to a lease. From this same screen you can view the payment history, the payment schedule, the payments due, add assets, add comments and even calculate a payoff. All payments received are also entered into one screen. Simply select which payment is to be paid with a double click. The system can handle many payments types. For example, monthly payments, advance payments, residual payments, security deposit payments, charge payments and even non cash payments. With Fadelsoft LMS, the entry of leases and payments are easy.

Flexible Reporting

Meet your reporting goals. Fadelsoft LMS provides over 80 standard reports. Send these reports to the screen, paper, PDF or to Excel. Each report calculates as it reports. This allows you to print reports using different methods for comparison. All reports can be run for past, present or future. Print reports into the future to forecast. Print reports into the past for historical record. Sequence report data your way. Eight fields named by the user can be a basis for reporting sequence. You may use any name by which you need leases grouped, such as; bank, vendor, salesperson, note, equipment type, etc. The above features add reporting flexibility to Fadelsoft LMS, so you can report your data your way.

Document Management

Fadelsoft LMS organizes lease documents. An unlimited number of documents of any format may be attached to the lease for easy display. Items like the lease contract, credit application, insurance certificate and auto payment authorization form are common uses. Say good bye to that over stuffed file cabinet. This feature easily organizes the countless documents associated with a portfolio.

Billing Choices

Fadelsoft LMS lets you choose how to notify the lessee of their obligation. Quickly Print Invoices, Statements or Payment Books. Create an ACH / EFT / PAP file for direct withdrawal from your customer’s bank account. With Fadelsoft LMS, you have many billing options you can offer to your customer.

Organized Collections

Fadelsoft LMS has a collections contact manager. Simply specify an aging category and the system will search through your lease portfolio and identify delinquent leases. The lease number, lease name, contact and phone number are displayed, so you can make the phone call. While you are on the phone with the lessee, you may record additional notes, set a follow up reminder and all their payment history and lease information is a click away. Other users can view your notes to eliminate duplicate calls and lost notes. Get your collections under control with Fadelsoft LMS.

Import / Export and Credit Reporting Options

Finally a system that allows access to all your lease data.Fadelsoft LMS can easily export to other applications such as spreadsheets or databases for further analysis. It makes use of Microsoft SQL Server as a database allowing you to create dynamic reports in MS-Access or MS-Excel. Use our Mail Merge export utility to quickly send mailings to your clients. Exports can easily be created to both the commercial or personal credit bureaus. Do you have lease data in another database or application? Use our import to load this data. Or use the import feature to set up a daily import for your payments received or new leases. Lease data is valuable. Use it to your advantage with Fadelsoft LMS.