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To Kickstrat Your Business
  • The market for on-demand services are increasingly on the rise, and since this service booking software deals with one's day-to-day needs, it truly has tremendous business opportunities. The sole concept of an on-demand service booking platform is to organize all possible online services, while facilitating users as well as service providers by offering what they are looking for.
    Geektheo's service booking solution is powerful software, designed specifically to blend with your best business strategies, and to seamlessly manage all functions that happen within its platform with consistent precision.

Dynamic End-user Experience

Involve customers in your process by offering them an excellent end-user experience. Book services smoothly via easy navigation.

Guaranteed ROI

Introduced advanced ROI generation streams via keen market research and analysis. Take advantage of the same to earn a remarkable ROI.

Authentic Payment Gateways

Indulge in faultless money transactions via genuine, secure payment gateways. Integrated Paypal to ensure maximum reliability.

Completely Automated Process

Assured efficiency and accuracy through fully automated operations. Manage the whole process flawlessly and with ease.

Valuable Analytical Insights

Know your business better and make productive utilizing Agriyas intelligent insights. Receive details such as user IP, device model, browser types and more.

Prominent Features

  • Convenient authentication methods. Sign in using social media profiles
  • Choose your preferred languages for a localized experience
  • Choose your requirement from service categories, or take advantage of our easy search options
  • Easy requests for service through advanced information entry, avail the same for flexible dates and locations.
  • Offer feedback on the services provided, leave a review for other users
  • Special offers and discounts for budget users
  • Genuine payment gateways to ensure safe transactions
About Us
About Us
  • Sign up using social profiles or with your Email
  • Add your service by providing required details. Include multiple services if you have any.
  • Optimize your profile page by listing prices, skills and more
  • Include images to prove the credibility of your business. Display working hours, days, and etc.
  • Announce offers and discounts to attract more customers
  • Performance indicator to understand customer behaviors, response rate, reviews received etc.
  • Get a competitive edge by improving your visibility among other similar service providers. Utilize featured listing options for immediate results
  • To get previous booking and payment details, check the transaction history
  • Secure payment methods to safeguard the cash transactions
  • Advanced admin panel to manage the entire process. The consolidated dashboard provides a deeper look into the operations of users as well as service providers
  • Optimize your platform for different service locations, moreover, add extra cities to expand your territory
  • Add more service categories to make it easier for users
  • Default Email templates to facilitate your E-mail marketing efforts
  • Real-time notification to inform users efficiently
  • Machine-generated analytical insights to get a deep understanding of your business process
About Us


Is your source code modifiable?

Yes, Geektheo’s scripts are all flexible, and adaptable. You can customize the codes according to your requirement

Do Geektheo offer post-delivery maintenance for service booking solution?

Yes, we provide maintenance and services after the delivery. Check out various maintenance plans and incorporate the appropriate.

Are custom development services applicable to this service booking software?

Yes, Custom development services are applicable for this product as well.

How secure is the payment gateways in service booking solution?

We integrate renowned payment gateways like Paypal to guarantee flawless cash transactions.

Is there a fee associated with listing my services on this platform?

Listing your services as a service provider is absolutely free. You can improve your visibility by using our featured listing options.