Moving Toward Success

The motive of most great businesses starts with genuine customer care and an interest in growing with clients. Businesses also want to stand out as a best performer, and if possible to offer great and repeatable experiences to their clients.
This is where Geektheo's comes in. We not only want this for ourselves, we want this for our clients, and not only that, we want this for our customers clients. Geektheo's classified solution unlocks numerous opportunities, for an enterprise to move into their markets, and remain as a bright light. We offer assistance in generating long term wealth and visibility. Our new Classified ad solution offers:

  • Intuitive User Experience
  • Unleashing Technological approach
  • Impeccable Performance
  • Adoptable to any Business Model

Sound Management

Easy for users to post and manage the ads. Manage regular Ads, paid Ads, archived Ads and more.

Defined Product Showcase

No more clicks to find product's details. Get all add details in one place

High Earning Potential

Multiple revenue streams methods for businesses to earn revenue from.

Gadget Friendly

Hassle free user experience across a broad range of devices.

Centralized Admin Cockpit

A solid admin panel with numerous built-in features. Everything is available in one view.

Real-time Notifications

Admin can send real-time notifications to users to alert and/or to keep them update.

Uplift User Experiance With Additional Assistance


What is Geektheo's online classified ads solution?

Geektheo's first-class advertisement solution is a highly customizable business solution, built specially for businesses to easily deploy a comprehensive classified ad website.

How should I get Started?

You can contact us to know more about our classified platform and plans. You can also try our free demo to get the look and feel of our platform.

Is custom development services applicable to this product?

Yes, Custom development services are applicable to all our products. We run three engagement models namely fixed cost, time & material, and dedicated developer for providing custom development services.

Do Geektheo offer technical support?

Yes, We do provide three months free technical support.

How much time will It take to set up my classified ad marketplace?

That depends upon your store setup requirements and catalogue. On an average, the whole process will take 2-3 weeks.