Quickly set up, activate and optimize an event management marketplace via our Event booking solution.

  • Defined Product Showcase
    No more clicks to find product's details. Get all add details in one place
  • High earning potential
    Multiple revenue streams methods for businesses to earn revenue from.
  • Gadget Friendly
    Hassle free user experience across a broad range of devices.
  • Centralized Admin Cockpit
    A solid admin panel with numerous built-in features. Everything is available in one view.
  • Sound Ad-management
    Easy for users to post and manage the ads. Manage regular Ads, paid Ads, archived Ads and more.
  • Real-time Notifications
    Admin can send real-time notifications to users to alert and/or to keep them update.


Do your company offer post-delivery maintenance?

Yes, We provide maintenance and services after the delivery. We maintain various levels of pricing and slabs.

Do you offer payment processing?

We are not a payment gateway but we seamlessly integrate into many popular payment processors like Paypal and more.

What OS platform is it compatible with?

Geektheo's online event booking solution is highly compatible and it ensures top-level experience for all kind of users.

Does it support multiple languages?

Yes, Geektheo’s tailor-built booking solution incorporates multi-language feature.

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Web Server Maintainance

Take advantage of our server maintenance plans to better maintain your servers and websites

Custom App development

Customize your app in accordance with your business demands by using our customization services

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Intelligent Insights

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Every successful business has certain traits in common. They all satisfy a common market-demand. Besides, they value their customers, they try to add more value to their customer experience efforts. The same is applicable for web/mobile applications as well. One has to offer a compelling user interface, a pleasant end-user experience to keep their chances alive.
The growing interest of masses in entertainment prompted the recent emergence of numerous event booking businesses. Moreover, a larger proportion of population depends on mobile applications to book their tickets. Considering the current scenario and emerging trends, Agriya introduces an advanced ticket booking solution, ideal for businesses to set up a full-fledged event booking application.