Google Maps Data Extractor

This is a Chrome extension that can extract data from google maps website without API. The advantage is that is can extract without API and can extract all the contacts without any limitations. The keyword also supports multiple keywords and locations. You dont need to spend your time sitting in front of the computer. just copy and paste the list of keywords and locations and the software will do the work. The software can even extract the email addresses by visiting the websites and checking for emails.

Live Preview
  • Works without API

    The software works without Google Maps API. Its basically a scrapper. It will visit google maps website in real time and extract the data one by one. thus it does not need API. and the progress of extraction can be seen in a parallel chrome tab.

  • Extract all contacts

    Google maps API has a limit of 60 contacts per query. This means if you are searching for data of doctors in mumbai, and there are 700 doctors listed on the website. then the API will let you to extract only 60 contacts using the API. however this is not the case with our software. Since our software does not use API, it will extract all the contacts without any limitations.

  • Let the machine work for you

    The software supports multiple keywords and locations, this means you dont have to sit in front of the computer during the extraction. All you have to do is type or copy and paste the list of keywords and locations that you are targeting. and the software will automatically extract the data for you.

  • Extract email addresses

    Usually you cant extract email address from google maps. however this software will be able to extract the email addresses by visiting the website address mentioned. The software will visit the website and search for email address. if the email address is available, the email address will be extracted.

  • Easily Transferrable

    The software can be transferred on a different computer as many times you want. there is no limitations. All you have to do is logout from one computer and then use the licence code on a different com

  • Extraction progress

    The software will show you the extraction progress on the left had top corner. this way you will have an understanding as in how long it will take for the extraction process to be complete.

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