Deliver constructive learning experience by inculcating a practice driven learning environment that maximizes the learners reasoning capabilities.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Discover new methods of learning by utilizing our multi-faceted state of the art tutoring modules.

Get Certified From Expert Faculties

Add value to resume through world class certifications, recognized by leading institutes.

Challenge Your Skills Through Value-driven Assessments

Test your skills by attempting the interactive valuation sessions designed by our faculties.

Collaborated Teaching Methodology

Bring dynamism to your teaching methodology by delegating faculties to teach different segments of the course.

Personalized Approach To Learning

Grasp the topics with ease by getting focused, individual attention from the tutors

Collect Feedback And Improvise

Receive instantaneous insights and fine tune your tutoring abilities.
  • Shape the lessons based on the subject of expertise
  • Organize and prioritize the lessons considering tutor’s availability
  • Engage learners, make the learning process more compelling by incorporating visual possibilities and lot more arena
  • Implement better teaching strategies through individual assessments
  • Deliver knowledge rich curriculum by incorporating experts from other disciplines
About Us
About Us
  • Pick the best courses that suits learner’s interests
  • Utilize the flexible teaching methodologies taking into account for the learner’s availability
  • Involve and make the learning more interesting through interactive practices
  • Fix the appointment and learn at physical sites
  • Provide genuine insights and feedback on the courses
  • Conveniently make payments from anywhere in the world
  • Get consolidated reports on payments courses and more
  • Clear insights on courses and related segments
  • Instant feedback on courses, teaching and all aspects of the process
  • Decode customer behavior to streamline decision making process
  • categorize the whole process systematically via split responsibility
About Us


Is Geektheo’s Online learning solution compatible on multiple platforms?

Yes. It is compatible and can be used in numerous platforms. To know more check our demo.

Does provide technical support for this online learning solution?

Yes. We provide end to end technical support for our online solution.

Is the e-learning solution's payment gateways reliable?

Definitely. The gateway system we have implemented is highly reliable and secure.

Is this e-learning software compatible with multiple languages?

Yes. It is compatible with multiple languages and can be used in different regions

How much time will It take to set up my classified ad marketplace?

That depends upon your store setup requirements and catalogue. On an average, the whole process will take 2-3 weeks.